Jemena trusts the team at Chrome Consulting to deliver their Content Server 16.2 upgrade and first integration with SAP


Jemema have been a long time user of the OpenText Content Server platform.  With the release of Content Suite 16 which included the new Smart UI and extended integration into SAP, Jemena knew upgrading to Content Suite 16 was an important foundation step towards realising their vision of integrating SAP with their Content Management System (ECMS) and Microsoft SharePoint.

After sucessfully winning the RFP in 2017, Chrome Consulting and Jemena established a team to deliver this complex Content Server 10.5 to 16.2 upgrade including the first integration with SAP for document archiving.



The business requirement revolved around the upgrade the Content Management System at Jemena  (ECMS) to the latest release of 16.2, laying the foundation for Extended ECM, integration with SharePoint, content archiving, mobility solutions, and thereby placing Jemena in a better position for current and future ECM initiatives. The upgrade also allows Jemena to realize the benefits provided by the Smart View introduced in this release, allowing for a better user experience of the solution.


Our approach to the requirement involved interactions with the business to ascertain the current status of the content management system, as well as working closely with the technical team to determine the upgrade path including functional and technical requirements and transition/change management for the upgrade. The initiative develops a picture on the current state and future functionality that is provided with the new release of OpenText solution in release 16.2.  The upgrade process allowed the business to engage and experience the functionalities in the test phases, allowing for familiarization with new features.


The current state solution state is assessed, and the upgrade path determined (parallel vs in-place). The use of additional landscapes allowed for numerous rounds of upgrade testing, allowing for a upgrade can be tested extensively.



The ECM platform for Jemena was upgraded successfully to release 16.2, and the business has transitioned to the new release of the OpenText ECM solution successfully. The implementation of the upgrade was completed successfully and it was a good outcome for Jemena, to which the project was completed on time and within the allocated resourcing/budgets.


The Smart View introduced in release 16.2 is now available and provides an user Interface to Jemena that allows context to be applied to access into the solution, providing ease-of-use relevant to roles. The new release of the mobility solution provides better compatibility with mobile devices. Jemena’s ECM system is in a better position to initiate future Extended ECM initiatives.