Content enabling SAP business processes

SAP Extended ECM by OpenText (xECM) is an SAP resold Opentext solution that provides Enterprise Content Management integration with the SAP Business Suite. xECM allows the business to document enable SAP processes ensuring users can access, store or version documents directly in SAP.


xECM also provides a method for users to access the same set of documents and contextual information related to SAP processes from outside of SAP. This enables users to work within their interface of choice or the interface that is best suited to an application. I.e. a user working in SAP can store or retrieve documents from SAP, whilst a user working in MS Word can store a document against an SAP object directly from MS Word.

SAP Extended ECM (XECM) is an SAP resold solution from OpenText that allows tensures customers benefit from content enabled transactional processes.


Our consultants have been involved in a number of world firsts including the first implementation of the XECM Plant Maintenance Blueprint, an accellerator to integrate XECM into Asset Management process.


Whether it's Asset Management, Procurement, Customers or projects, our consultants have the skills and consulting to help you achieve your goal.


With Extended ECM, we offer end to end implementations, solution design and validation, quality insurance, project management and post implementation reviews.