Chrome Consulting provides Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) Health Check

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - Chrome Consulting, one of the leading SAP Enterprise Content Management companies in Australia, will now be providing SAP Invoice Management (VIM) Health Checks as a consulting service.

The Implementation of VIM should provide an organisation with a solid ROI based on Control, Visibility and Efficiency gains in the back office processing of vendor invoices. With VIM, exception handling is easy and consistent whilst VIM also caters for out of the box KPI reporting on efficiency and financial goals.

The purpose of a VIM Health Check is to analyse the current implementation of VIM and to identify key areas for improvement with a roadmap detailing areas for cost reduction and efficiency gain.

Robert Bruhn, Senior Consultant at Chrome Consulting says: “In the past, we have seen the planned value and gained value of implementations are not always aligned. Furthermore, over time the decreasing data and process compliance erode value to the organisation. The outcome is lost opportunities to be best in class or even a breach of legislative requirements.”

Chrome Consulting recommend performing a health check on any VIM installation that has been live for more than 6 months. A health check can be a part of continuous improvement or because of a specific symptom that has been highlighted by the organisation.

The VIM Health Check provides the organisation with an Executive Presentation including a summary and a visual guide. A comprehensive report also provides extended information for each of the issues identified along with scope, effort, cost and ROI outlined.

For more information on the VIM Health Check please contact us:

Athol Hill

Managing Director

+61 400 336 580

About Chrome:

Chrome Consulting Pty Ltd is a certified SAP consulting company specialising in SAP Enterprise Content Management (ECM), with a primary focus on the SAP resold OpenText product suite. Our consultants come with a rich history of SAP ECM consulting experience, with some of the largest organisations in the world and a wide variety of industries including Mining, Utilities, Petro Chemical, Government and Manufacturing.


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