Getting the team together.

Every so often you need to press pause, stop what you're doing and rally the troops. With the help of Rod Matthews that's what we did, the 1st of June was our first Chrome Team Day where we came together to learn more about ourselves and how to keep growing the great team we're a part of. Rod walked us through fantastic exercises like See - Be - Do - Get helping us determine if we're working above or below the line, playing the X or Y in the game "Win as much as you can", seeing what we need "More of" and "Less of" and wrapping up with a introduction to The Cynefin framework.

We had a great day and learnt a lot about ourselves and the team, we highly recommend engaging with people like Rod Matthews to give you some insight and provide focus.

For details on how to get in touch with Rod, visit his website below.

Also like to thank the great staff at the Hotel IBIS in Glen Waverley for being easy to work with and helping make our day a success


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